Point Blank DJs

DJ Jay*Clipp

Current City: 
Dallas, TX

DJ Jay*Clipp is known for getting the party hype with true hip-hop music and educating the audience with the back-in-the-day moods that infused the sounds we hear today. As a teenager, music was always his first love and he says he was born to spin. Jay*Clipp started his music career as a true-to-the-streets rapper, and earned his coveted name—Jay Clipp—because he was known for unloading lyrics with quick beats and clever finesse.

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DJ Cuzzin B

Current City: 
Washington D.C.

DJ Cuzzin B was born & raised in St. Louis Missouri. He credits his uncle for his love of various genres of music as he was a drummer in a rock band.

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DJ Phingaprint

Current City: 
Jacktown, MS

Music is more than just an art form, a hobby or a profession – it’s a way of life. For DJ Phingaprint (nee Timothy Washington) this is especially true. Every since his parents bought him his first set of turntables back in 1985, Print adopted music as his life’s mission. Now over a decade later, the Jackson native continues to explore and expand the boundaries of turntablism and music.

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