DJ Face presents... JAMLA 101

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If you didn't know by now 9th Wonder has been busy over the years running his Jamla Records label. Who is on Jamla you ask? Well our True School brother, DJ Face, is here to answer that very question. Face designed this mix to give you a quick education on the current Jamla artists through their music. Appropriately titled "Jamla 101", this mix gives you a great starting point to get familiar with the artists at Jamla and the future of Hiphop. Enjoy and feel free to pass it on!

1. Intro

2. Thunder (Unreleased) - Rapsody

3. Black Boy Radio - Actual Proof

4. Rude Awakening - Halo

5. Slumdog Millionaire - Big Remo

6. Never Settle - Sean Boog

7. Dream Big - TP feat. Rapsody

8. Missing You - Heather Victoria feat. Big Remo

9. Night Riders - Halo feat. Sean Boog & GQ

10. No Disrespect - Big Remo feat. Halo

11. Fonk It Up - Actual Proof

12. Sean Boogie Nights - Sean Boog

13. Hands Up - GQ feat. Bluu Suede

14. The Jungle - Halo feat. Rapsody

15. It's On - 9thmatic (9th Wonder) & Khrysis

16. Natural - Sean Boog feat. Halo & Sundown

17. Non-Fiction - Rapsody feat. Raheem DeVaughn & Ab-Soul

18. Show You The Way - Actual Proof

19. Boogie Down - Sean Boog

20. Won't Stress Me - Heather Victoria feat. Rapsody

21. Boom Bap For The Radio - Halo

22. All The Way - Actual Proof feat. Raheem DeVaughn

23. Swiss Cheese - Big Remo

24. The Drums - Rapsody feat. Heather Victoria

25. Actuality - TP feat. Actual Proof

26. Swag Like A Ball Player - GQ

27. Destiny - Rapsody

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